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Go see the world, especially if you consider yourself a leader.

Being a leader is not easy. We make our best guess, we ask others, we read. We aim to get it right most of the time. So, what can support us to be better? I have found that engaging with the outside world builds further context, especially if you part of a culture that continuously strives for perfection.

One of the most reassuring elements of completing a MBA, travelling or spending time working remotely is the connection and discussions you have with fellow business leaders outside your regular world. From these interactions one arrives at a fresh point of view, train of thought or new approach. It can help you to understand when more work needs to be done or whether what you are producing there is of a global standard. Importantly it can present a point of view which you would never have considered.

The challenge we have is to shift from staying within the same circle of interaction we have become accustomed to and to go see the world. To be vulnerable, to let a different and altogether new context in. It is not easy to do this, especially if you live in a small or inward viewing village, but it is the best way I know to shift from the same point of view, to gain further context and knowledge to make better decisions.

In summary: As a current and future leader, go see the world! Seek a new people and points of view on the work you are spearheading.

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